Privacy policy

The owner and administrator of the Web site is #, Commercial Register code 63421410, postal address: #, Email#, and the Web page is operated under Law of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Scope of privacy policy

The privacy policy applies to users while they are using FPPV Services. The personal information collected from users while using FPPV services will be managed in accordance with our privacy policy.
The privacy policy does not apply to individuals or companies that are not directly managed by FPPV.

Collect and use of information

The personal information required by FPPV is limited to the minimum necessary for using FPPV.
FPPV automatically receives the user's IP address, cookie information, pages viewed by the user, device information, and the user's usage environment from the user's browser or app, and stores them on the server. Additionally, if the user registered with account from social network site, FPPV will receive notifications from the social site and store them on the server.

Data collection serves the following purposes:

  1. To improve the content of the service.
  2. To deliver new services and information to users accurately.
  3. To contact users as necessary.
  4. To provide a better environment for users.
  5.  To verify the user's identification when continuing the subscription under the unlimited viewing plan.

Information disclosure

FPPV will not sell or lend personal information obtained from users. However, FPPV may disclose personal information in the following cases.

  1. When FPPV receives a formal request based on laws and regulations from a public institution such as a court or the police.
  2. When there is an imminent danger to a person's life, body, property, etc., and there is an urgent need to disclose the information.
  3. When disclosing or sharing information is necessary to deliver services that satisfy users
  4. When a company entrusted by FPPV requires the information to provide the service to the user. (These companies are prohibited from using the personal data obtained from FPPV beyond the necessary scope for the above purposes.)
  5. When the user's actions on FPPV are contrary to the terms of use, it is necessary to disclose information to protect the rights, property, and services of FPPV.

About security

User information is protected by passwords for user privacy and security.
FPPV uses standard SSL encryption to protect data transfers when necessary.

Revision to the Privacy Policy

In the future, FPPV may revise all or part of the privacy policy.
(If there are significant changes, we will notify users on FPPV's website.)